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I cannot believe that my time at university is coming to an end: it is so cliche to say this, but it really feels like I have only started it yesterday. 

On the other hand, I am confident to state that I have learned quite a lot, not only in academic terms but also when it comes to life experiences.

As I have been in that position, I totally understand the uncertainties and questions that those going into university might be having: after all, you are starting a new chapter of your life and you probably don't know what to expect.

I even wrote a blog post reflecting on my first term at university: you can click here to check that one out. Whilst I still fully agree with everything I wrote on that post, I have decided to share some other things that I which I knew before I started college. 

I hope that by sharing my advice and tips, whoever is starting university soon will feel more confident!

1. Don't create insanely high expectations
Before I went to university, I spent months watching youtube videos and reading blog posts featuring uni life. And although (at least in my personal case) university has been the best years of my life so far, there are also many downsides, so do not expect everything to go perfectly.

2. Don't be afraid to talk to people
Everyone's in the same situation as you so don't be shy!
However, don't be disappointed if someone doesn't show much interest or ends up not being as nice as when you first met them.

3. Say yes to new experiences
You don't have to do anything you don't want but this is the perfect time to try new things and experiment in life. Try a new dish, get out of your comfort zone, learn a new skill, participate in events organised by your uni, join a sport's team...

4. Get yourself some earplugs!
I cannot stress this e n o u g h: earplugs are lifesavers and basically the only way you will be able to sleep in peace without hearing the noise your flatmates make.

5. Don't buy appliances in advance
Either your dorm already comes with some or you will have a nice flatmate that will allow you to use theirs: either way, that means more money you're saving.

6. Control expenses
Whether in online format or paper, control what's coming in and what's going out of your account. Next step is to reduce what you can: you might be shocked by the things you're actually spending your money on!

7. Have some games for fun evenings
Whether you're going out afterwards or just want a relaxed evening in with some friends, cards and board games are a must.

8. Save and back up your work multiple times
You'd be surprised by how many times my laptop has failed me and how many scares it has given me. I even know people that have lost their almost completed essays just because their laptops decided to break out of nowhere.

9. Take a break and cry if you need to
University will feel overwhelming at times. This is a fact. Not merely when it comes to coursework and studying, but also money, relationships, housekeeping... You might feel alone, homesick or as if nothing is going the way it is 'supposed' to.
Uni life is a lot to take in and organise so do not expect yourself to manage everything perfectly. You are human and it is okay to feel and show emotion. It might feel the end of the world at some point, but remember that things will be okay.

10. Fire alarms at 4am are a surprisingly common thing
Whilst being false alarms 99.9% of the time, you are still forced to evacuate.

11. Join societies or sports
This is one of the best ways to meet people and make friends as you already have one thing in common. Also, there are societies for literally everything you could possibly imagine so there is no excuse!

12. Be responsible and careful when going out
This applies to everything: how much you drink, not leaving your drink out of sight...

13. People create the fun, not the activity
You can be going out to the worst party ever. Nevertheless, if you're going with a fun group, the night will be a blast.
Similarly, the professor makes the subject, not the other way around.

14. It is okay to change your mind
You will most likely realise you want to pursue a different path. This might mean changing modules, course or even university. If it doesn't feel right, keep in mind that you have the power to change it. For instance, in my case, my goal going into university was to study towards becoming a pedo-psychologist. Can you guess one of the modules I disliked the most? That's right: development and child psychology!

15. Don't bring your whole house with you
I have created the ultimate university packing checklist featuring only the essentials (plus some other things you might want to consider bringing) so you can click here for that.
However, the thing I want to highlight is that you are not moving into the middle of nowhere so if you need something you did not pack, just purchase it! On that same note, keep in mind that if you do want to bring multiples, two of each item is more than enough.

16. Try going out
This is the thing I regret the most: not going out during fresher's week just because I thought I wouldn't like it. Turns out, I do enjoy going out. The issue isn't having missed some parties, but rather the fact that many friendships were created during that week.
So my advice is: even if you don't like going out, do so, at least a few times in the beginning so you can meet some people!

I hope you have found this post helpful!
Remember that it might be a bit hard to adapt in the beginning but all will fall into place with time. 
Wishing you the best of luck on this new chapter of your life ♥

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