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Hello hello there! 

Welcome to another post about my trip to Croatia. This time I am sharing my experience at Trakošćan!

Trakošćan is located in the north of Croatia, in the Varaždin County. In addition, it is just a 15-minute drive away from the Slovenian border. 

To get there, we simply drove around 50 minutes from Varaždin. Keep in mind, however, that as there is no highway, the journey involves many turnings and hills.

The location comprises a castle and a stunning park with a lake.

You can visit both for 40 kunas (equivalent to around £5, for an adult ticket) or just the park for 1 kuna (12 pence!).

The Castle was built in the 13th century and initially served the purpose of an observational fortress. Due to its abandonment in the 18th century and neglect for almost 2 centuries, the area was restored in the late 19th century. It is now a national property.
Both the exterior and interior are incredible. Around the mid-1950s, the Castle was transformed into a museum and the different floors now exhibit collections of original weapons, furniture, books and paintings.


The park is enormous and so so romantic. You can take a walk in the hiking trails or ride a pedal boat in the (artificial) lake. Furthermore, there is a small chapel where weddings take place (how cute is that?!). Overall, even if not visiting the Castle, the park is a must: it is too picturesque to miss.


To conclude, I will have to say that Trakošćan really was one of my favourite stops in Croatia. And I reckon that it must be even more stunning during autumn or winter! Nonetheless, it is a perfect day trip anytime of the year. I would absolutely adore to go back. 


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