How to find your personal style

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Yes, we all go through phases. And yes, our preferences change due to trends, life inconsistencies and even seasons. We are constantly being bombarded with so many different possibilities and information that sometimes it simply becomes confusing. What eventually happens is that we become disconnected from ourselves, as if our physical world became incompatible and clashed with who we are, our tastes, our essence. Maybe due to being caught up in the middle of so many a-likes or being fearful of being fully expressive? It truly does feel wrong and demotivating when you enter the trap of attempting to portray the 'perfect life' or doing something purely for an 'aesthetic' that doesn't even correlate with yours. So, in today's post, I want to address a few ways which will help you find your true essence, your personal style.

1. Write it down
On a blank piece of paper draw a mind map and include all the words that describe who you are, what you like and what you want to share with the world. Be very specific with this. You can write about your favourite types of music, colours, aesthetics, objects, places, goals, etc. It will basically be a description of you.

2. Get inspired
Create boards on Pinterest, reblog posts on Tumblr and save photos on Instagram. Next, get crafty! Print out the most appealing ones, cut magazines and create a visual mood board. You can always also do this online as well! If after a while the photos don't appeal to you anymore, re-evaluate your tastes and create a new one! You can also make one for each season or whenever you are feeling unmotivated or disconnected. Get your ideas flowing again.

3. Create your environment

This doesn't mean you have to go out and buy everything new in order to change your environment.  No, you do not need to completely transform your physical spaces. Sometimes just rearranging furniture, printing out some posters or buying a few decor pieces will make all the difference. The point is to create a fresh space where you feel safe and truly yourself.

4. It is a journey
The more you experience, the more you adventure yourself, the more you expose yourself to all the different aspects of the world, the more you learn and get to know yourself. And always keep in mind that the ultimate goal is finding yourself. So stay truthful: utterly, you know what you fancy, so if it doesn't feel right, simply don't do it! Also, know that you learn through mistakes, so never be too harsh on yourself. 

5. Question your mindset
Question, not just the world around you, but also whether finding yourself means you have to label yourself. To be honest, this was one of my biggest issues for a while: I thought I had to include myself into certain categories. And by doing so, it would exclude the possibility of being part of other, different ones. Challenge this mindset! Why do you have the need to label yourself and your tastes? Your life is unique and you do not have to comply with a single certain aesthetic: you can mix all your preferences in order to create your own. Also, just because people around you are doing it differently, it does not mean that what you are doing isn't valid or right: remember, it is you!

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