How to create a cohesive Instagram theme

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Hello hello there!

Following the incredibly positive feedback I received on some before and afters of my photos I shared on Instagram, I have also been getting many messages asking for advice. 

So, today, I have decided to tackle one of my most commonly asked question: 'how do you create such a cohesive feed?'. My Instagram account has been through many phases. I have tried many different photography and editing techniques, so I have loads of experience with what works and what does not.






For starters, what is an Instagram theme?
It is an aesthetic that is clearly identifiable while scrolling down, something that makes every photo flow together.

1. Planning 
Firstly, you should be using a planning app. I personally use UNUM, but there are other options such as Planoly, Mosaico or Preview. They will allow you to visually see what your feed will look like before actually posting your photos. This way, you will be able to move photos around in order to find your preferred disposition, while seeing if it 'fits'.

2. Editing
There are so many options when it comes to editing software that it can get overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is worth investing some time in as it is one of the main steps to create photos that flow together. This is because you can manipulate the features of the image and, by following similar steps for every photo, achieve final results that are already more similar.

3. Colour palette 
Pick a few colours, which you will base your account around. For me, these are neutrals (black, white and grey) and two dominant colours (blue and brown).

4. Warmth
Think about what you prefer: cooler or warmer tones? You can always go for a more mid-tonality, though. The point is to NEVER EVER display very different temperature tones together, like this:

5. Black and white
If any of the tips above fails, you can always opt for a black and white version of your photograph!

6. Disposition tips
Taking and editing pretty pictures is not enough: how they are displayed has a major impact. One trick is not to display similar photos consequently.
Firstly, concerning the subject. For instance, it is not a good strategy to post three photos of yourself in a row when you rarely appear in your posts: rather, simply spread those posts, mixing them with your regular content.
Similarly, when it comes to angles: if you are the subject in most of your posts, alternate between angles and distances (full body, close up, upper body...).
Finally, regarding colours: following the same idea, if you always share colourful photos, don't post b&w content too close.

7. Examples

Alternate between posts: colours, lighting, quotes

Post three pictures in a row about the same subject: same photoshoot, same location, same colours

Middle Column 
Same idea, but in a column

Last thoughts:
Don't forget that Instagram is all about experimenting and overall, having fun. Don't stress too much over your feed not being 'perfect'. Just keep on trying new techniques and sticking truthful to your preferences.

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