Christmas time in London | What to visit and what to do

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On Wednesday 12-10-2018, I went to London with my friend Kassie.

She stayed up at my place for the night as we had to wake up quite early. At 5:45am, the alarm rang. We got up, had some breakfast and got ready for our day exploring London. 

The bus departed at 6:45 and I basically slept the entire time. Whilst we were expecting to arrive at 9:50, we got to the station at 9:30. I woke up 10 minutes before that so, needless to say, I was very sleepy for the next 30 minutes.

We walked around the area and stopped at Cafe Nero for some coffee and pastries. At 10:15 I met up with another friend, as we had a meeting arranged.

After that, we went to the Natural History Museum. It is absolutely stunning, both inside and out (and free entry!). In addition, all the expositions were really interesting. My favourites were concerning the solar system (red zone) and marine biology (green zone). I was, however, somewhat disappointed that they did not include any sharks, my favourite animal. 
On the outside of the museum, there is a beautiful ice rink and carousel, which makes this location perfect for Christmas time. 


We left the museum at 1:00 pm and instantly started looking for a place to have lunch. We opted for pizza at Franco Manca. It was absolutely delicious and, to my surprise, not expensive at all!


Next stop was Covent Garden. This area is best known for its elegant Piazza and markets filled with theatres, stores and restaurants. 
We contemplated each beautifully decorated corner and also tried to find a corridor we had seen featured in some photos. As we did not have any luck with it, we went to the Information Centre to ask for directions (so extra, I know, I know). This little courageous moment was totally worth it as the corridor was stunning!



Following, we saw the light decorations in Regent and Oxford Streets, respectively.


Final stop: the magical Winter Wonderland, in Hyde Park. The entrance is totally free, which is clearly a great plus! 
We had the most delicious hot chocolate I've ever had (for real!). Furthermore, I also (almost) felt tempted to try to win a Pokémon stuffed animal at a stall but managed to control myself when I saw everyone losing. 




We left the Park quite early and started making our way to the coach station, simply because we were completely freezing! An actual cold winter wonderland (minus the snow lol).

I have been wanting to visit London during the Christmas time for ages, so I am very grateful I finally got the chance to! I definitely recommend you visit these locations on your next trip to London, it will definitely get you on the holiday spirit!

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