(Un)lucky adventures in London

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On the 26th of September, I went to London.

I woke up at 5:40, chose a cute outfit, ate some food and left home at 6:25. Of course, because luck pursues me in life I was not able to brush my teeth because B took our toothpaste into his room the previous night and locked the door.

It took me 3 minutes to get to the bus stop. Once I got there, I went to its convenience store to buy some toothpaste. As soon as I left the store, my bus showed up (okay, I was lucky on this one but bear with me because you will soon agree). 

It took me 3 hours to get to London and during the trip I was able to watch a beautiful sunrise. I slept more than half the trip and woke up a few minutes before the bus reached Tower Bridge. I (very smartly) decided to use the bus' toilet because we were mostly stopped due to traffic. But of course, the bus driver had to be awful and my attempt to pee and brush my teeth was simply a nightmare as he just kept restarting the bus too quickly, just to stop it again 10 seconds later.

I arrived at Victoria Coach Station at 9:50 and started making my way to Victoria Railway Station, to meet up with my cousin. Between the hundreds of people that were rapidly serpentining around, we soon managed to find each other and went for a coffee at Starbucks. Not to mention that I was presented with a new addition to my collection of misspellings: Irin, this time.

We took the tube to Tower Bridge, one of my favourite areas in London. We got lost and ended up finding a hand-made replica of Golden Hinde, Sir Frances Drake's galleon, during Elizabeth I's reign.

We took loads of photos around that area and ended up having lunch at a restaurant there, Coppa Club. We went for a walk around the Tower of London and chilled for a bit, while waiting for one of her friends to meet up with us.


As she has been living in London for years, she decided to show us around Camden Town. I had never been there before and I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised! I knew it consisted of a market, but I had never imagined its eccentricity. Simply put, the most unusual or artsy stores are located there. The coolest one was called Cyberdog, an enormous store filled with the most incredible items, from neon to creepy stuff, the vibes there were insane.


In Camden Town, I bought a ring, almost got a tattoo and tried loads of different foods people were offering. I can now confirm that it is one of my new favourite spots in London, no doubts.

On our way to Camden Town we, however, stopped at King's Cross Underground Station, both to look at the St. Pancras Railway's mesmerising architecture and statues (with a stop to buy pasteis de nata), and then, to take some photos at the Harry Potter 9¾ platform.

After this, we went to the best free view of London: next to St. Paul's Cathedral. This was then followed by some more Portuguese food: dinner at Nando's. 

And well, now comes the best and luckiest part of the whole day. I left the restaurant at 19:25, which gave me plenty of time to get to my final destination in order to get the bus back home. However, despite walking at a fast pace and then running, my attempt to get there on time was pointless. Yes, I lost my bus for four minutes. Four. minutes. F. O. U. R.  M. I. N. U. T. E. S.

How did I deal with this? I cried. And then called an uber to bring me home. It cost me an arm and a leg but it was really the only option, as I had an important training the morning after.

Moral of the story? 
There is none really. I did everything the way I was supposed to but still ended up having to deal with an unlucky situation. The day, was, nevertheless, incredible. The company was super nice, the weather great, the food tasty and the locations visited the most gorgeous.

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