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Portugal is currently being melted by a heat wave. And although I don't go to the beach when temperatures are insanely high, I do enjoy the seaside whenever UVs aren't too dangerous or the weather allows you to basically not die outside. As you probably already know, I live by the coast so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy summertime by the sea. Therefore, I have decided to share what I bring with me in my beach bag and some essentials! 

  • My beach bag
First of all, I believe it is appropriate to specify which bag I use. As far as I remember, I have been using this pink one by Deeply. It is quite spacious and has a little pocket on the inside, perfect for storing smaller items.

  • Sunscreen
Of course, if you're toasting under the sun, you need to protect your skin! I have always used the ones by Yves Rocher on my body and I have started using an Eucerin one on my face. However, I have recently heard that some sunscreens contain chemicals that damage coral reefs so I am in the hunt for one that doesn't.

  • Beach towel
I used to use a bright blue towel from Decathlon, but last year I switched to a tapestry. I made this change due to the size, which means that I manage to fit completely in it and therefore (sort of) avoid 
(unpleasant) sand.

  • Phone + headphones
Of course, you have to capture all the beauty that you're being surrounded by. In addition, music makes everything better!

  • Water bottle + snack
Keeping yourself hydrated is probably the best idea. If you know me, you know that I have this blue reusable water bottle with me at all times. Snack wise, I either take fruits, a sandwich or some nuts. 

  • Some money
My 'just in case I am craving an ice cream'. I always try to resist the temptation, though!

  • Entertainment
My preferences are: a volleyball ball, some cards, maybe some poker chips and a book. I am absolutely awful at playing with beach rackets so I may or may not take those as well.

  • What I wear
Either a bikini or a swimsuit (for those days you're not feeling that comfortable with your body). Sunnies. Flipflops. Either some shorts with a top or a flowy dress. 

I absolutely adore going to the beach, taking a long swim in the ocean, looking for interesting shells  and watching colourful sunsets at the end of the day. That is why I always go super prepared because you never know what you might want to do. What about you? What are your beach essentials?

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next week
Irene xx

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