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Hello hello there!

Last Friday (12-07-2018) I went to my first festival ever so it is obvious that I want to share my thoughts, opinions and overall experience! 

Me, my brother Tiago and my boyfriend Bruno went to Nos Alive, one of the best and most well known festivals internationally. I will have to admit that this is a totally unplanned post because I was never intending on attending it (even though I have always wanted to). So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when my dad gave me the tickets a few days before the festival!

The Festival 

We arrived in Algés around 2:10 pm but only managed to enter the festival at 3 pm. We went to most of the stands: for instance ONU, Instax and Gulbenkian Institute of Science. As far as goodies are concerned, I got a canvas bag, loads of polaroids and I almost won a ticket to Comic Con!

What was in my bag

  • Tickets
  • ID, debit card and some money
  • Food: sandwiches, cookies, protein bar, banana
  • Empty water bottle (without the lid because you cannot close bottles at festivals)
  • Phone and portable charger 

What I wore

Top: Pull & Bear 

Jeans: Primark

Comfy sneakers: Rockland

What concerts I saw

  • Miguel Araújo
I am usually not that into Portuguese music but I will have to admit that the show was quite amusing. In addition, I was particularly surprised with Joana Almirante's voice (who sang with Miguel).

  • Bryan Ferry
As my parents are fans, I already knew two of his songs from his time in Roxy Music ('More Than This' and 'Jealous Guy'). I was therefore, disappointed when he finished the concert without performing those two. Nevertheless, I was utterly impressed by all the musicians' performances.

  • Nine Inch Nails
I didn't know this band prior to the festival but I will have to admit that when I searched them online and saw their 'Closer' videoclip I was a bit shocked (ahaha). The show was, however, amazing. I really enjoyed all the cinematography and overall energy.

  • Snow Patrol
Their concert was just too lovely. It really showed how happy they were to be back on tour after a long break, and that was adorable to see.

  • Arctic Monkeys 
The performance I was the most excited about. Not only did they not disappoint, but they surpassed all of my expectations. Seeing everyone singing and enjoying themselves was incredible. And of course, I adored Alex Turner's class and attitude. I will definitely see them again in the future!

Final thoughts

It was honestly a great first experience! The only downside was that by the end of the night we were all super tired and our feet were hurting. Nonetheless, the festival was incredibly organised and I would totally recommend it as it had so much to offer, for every taste and personality.

You can see more pictures of the festival in my 'Nos Alive 2018' Instagram highlight. 

One last note: from now on, posts will be published at 6 pm instead of 4 pm (GMT). 
As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next week.
Irene xx

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