How to be productive during summer break

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I have been awaiting this moment for the longest time - summer break. But now that I am totally on an exam-free mode, I've come to realize how hard it can be to stay motivated or on track or even to find interesting things to do. So, today I want to share with you some tips on how to resist the temptation of staying in bed all day watching netflix and instead, being more productive during summer break.

Have routines
The best way to stay on track and to make the most out of your day is through routines. They create structure and reduce procrastination in our lives. In addition, they enable the repetition and perfection of good habits and the breaking of bad ones. Overall, by having routines you will be able to have a framework on how to conduct certain activities, meaning that there is no room for excuses or forgetfulness. Something I believe totally differentiates a productive from a lazy day is getting ready in the morning: put on a nice outfit, do your hair and maybe your makeup and trick your brain into fighting the sweatpants' laziness.

Create guidelines
In addition to routines, you should set goals and make plans. They both allow you to have something to look forward to doing, whether it is a task you want to accomplish or an exciting adventure. Firstly, goals should be tangible but challenging at the same time so that you have something forcing you to move and to be active. Secondly, you don't have to go on a crazily expensive holiday to be fulfilled. You can always go on a simple weekend get-away and explore places close to your home town or be a tourist in your own city.

Go outside
I think the problem nowadays is that we spend too much time indoors, which makes it so much more tempting to simply sit and waste our days in front of a computer. Go outside, sit in the sun, get in some vitamin D, play a sport, go to the beach, go for a walk in the park, make the most of the summer festivals and activities that your area offers during this time of the year...

Get creative 
This can be one of your goals, something you want to accomplish either daily or throughout the break. This point includes every and any activity which forces you to think outside the box. Photograph more often, paint, draw, cook, bake, write. Develop your own projects to keep yourself occupied while challenging your sense of innovation and creation.

Learn skills
You can always also do something valuable for your CV. Really, why not get a job or try volunteering? In addition, you can take online courses, watch youtube videos or read materials focusing on certain skills you want to develop. This is a great way of utilizing your time wisely since you feel a sense of achievement. And you may also earn some money while doing it, which is always a perk.

Do it now
You now most likely have the availability to. So, invest in what you have been meaning and wanting to do while you were swimming in books and assignments. This can be mastering a hobbie or attempting something new. Either way, just don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. I really cannot stress this enough: if you let go of what is holding you, you'd be surprised with what you manage to achieve. Make a new friend, work out, volunteer, pet a snake (mentioning this by personal experience eheh), go rollerskating or surfing. 

Be present
Turn off technologies and connect with yourself, your environment and those included in it. Focus and practice mindfulness. Spend some quality time catching up with friends or your family. Be grateful and appreciate what you have.

De-clutter and change your environment
Get a room makeover, even if this just consists of moving furniture around or printing some posters and putting them up on your walls. Deep clean your closet and every storage unit in your house. Donate or sell what you no longer want. Simple changes do make a difference and these will instantly make you feel more motivated! 

Last thoughts:
The main point I want you to retain though, is that making use of your time is key. Use it wisely to do what you've been meaning to do but never did, whether this consists of investing on hobbies or learning something new. In addition, focus on yourself by de-cluttering your environment, your mind and being more present.

If you're still caught up in the middle of exam season or if you haven't started it yet, I hope this post has motivated you to try your best now so that when you're free you can dedicate all your time to anything else you love (if you're struggling and need some tips click here). But overall, I hope I have inspired you to be more productive and that you have found some of these ideas and tips helpful.

I was intending on publishing something totally different this week but I believe this is a much better 'return' post. In addition, I have soooo many exciting ideas for posts and content that I think you will all enjoy. Also, how did you find the changes I've made in the blog's overall look? I am still going to modify a few more things and try to correct all the html mistakes but so far I am really happy with it!
See you next week,
Irene xx

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