Nineteen candles on the cupcake

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Sooo, I am writing this while I am still 18. I am turning nineteen in precisely 45 minutes, at 20:47. I have been thinking all day about so many things. I have always celebrated my birthday and treated it as a very special day. And it feels so weird that I am this physically far away from people that are always present on this day. And, as my new closest friends were out of town this weekend, today was a very calm day - basically a detox from all the studying I have been doing. 

I woke up quite early considering I went to bed after midnight (which is quite unusual for me). I took a shower, ate my regular breakfast and filled in some balloons, just to make my room slightly more festive. My boyfriend, Bruno, came by and we basically just spent the rest of the morning and the beginning of the afternoon baking and decorating cupcakes (like pro bakers, with icing and sprinkles), watching a marathon of Dc House and magically sticking balloons to the wall (the secret is static cling :p). We used to play volleyball and, as we were missing it, this week we bought a volleyball ball. So, after being all day at home on a sunny and warm spring day, we went outside and played for a while. Now, we're getting ready to go out to have dinner and I am starving because Bruno takes longer than a bride on her wedding day (#relationshipgoals am I right?).


Today, the day I am uploading this post, is the 6th, which means I am nineteen now! Last night I was really craving a pizza but ended up opting for a vegetarian lasagna and LET ME TELL YA: it was the tastiest and best looking lasagna I have ever eaten! Of course, we had to side it with another episode of Dc House (I am sure you can tell my addiction by now eheh).

I just wanted to make this quick post to mark a very special day and to thank everyone that, despite the distance, has remembered it. Also, I want to thank those that have been following my journey and supporting it, it truly means a lot to me ♥
Lastly, I wanted to inform you that I am taking a break from blogging and I am reducing my Instagram content for the following weeks, just to be able to completely focus on my exams. If you are also stressing with exam season, make sure you read my last post for some useful tips on how to cope with it.

I will see you soon,
Irene xx

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