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Having routines might help you feel more organised or as if you have your life together. Although I like some types of change and cannot have some things constant for a very long period of time (such as my room, I keep modifying it every two weeks ahhhhh), I also have the need for balance. Developing routines helps me keep on track with my goals as it allows me to incorporate little things into my life that I would otherwise just forget about.

1. Waking up early
Sleeping in when I am very tired might be a good option but only sometimes. If I constantly keep doing that, I end up feeling awful about myself and as if I had wasted my time (which I probably did, oh well).

2. Drinking water and taking vitamins
I usually drink way less water than I am supposed to. Drinking some as soon as you wake up not only makes you feel refreshed and great, but it is also a way of instantly getting some inside your body. As for vitamins, I decide to take some just as a way of making sure I am consuming everything I need to.

3. Connect with yourself
Since I started meditating I have felt more connected. I usually do this at night before going to sleep but I really want to incorporate it into my mornings. Being aware of how you are feeling and mentally preparing for another day can be done quite quickly and effortlessly. If you are not a fan of meditation, maybe try writing down your goals for the day or something you are grateful for. Or perhaps do all of these!

5. Workout or yoga + shower
Depending on the day and whether I have any yoga class, I might work out either in the morning or at night. If during the weekend I don't do this in the morning I will most likely end up being too lazy  and not doing it (uppppssss).

6. Breakfast
Yes, by now we all know that the breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. But it depends on your body: some people might not particularly feel good if they eat something right after waking up. I personally don't have any problems with that and I actually have the need to eat as soon as I wake up. I might make a post about my favourite recipes, including breakfasts if you're interested! I like varying what I eat, otherwise I will just get tired of it.

7. Plan your day
Bullet journals, to do lists, calendars, planners, online... There are so many alternatives (bullet journaling is my personal favourite) and it will definitely make a difference in your life. In fact, you will (most likely) not forget about important dates or things you need to do if you write them down.

8. Get ready 
Choose your outfit, have a skin care routine, put on some makeup if you feel like it, maybe do your hair and go have an (hopefully) amazing day.

Now, this is all ideal: it does not mean that there is the need to do all of these things everyday (I am definitely not working out every day #lazylife). Nonetheless, creating a routine that suits you and your personal needs might help fight some demotivation and/ or lack of self care!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I will see you next week,
Irene xx

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