February bullet journal setup

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Hey there friends!

My apologies for not posting last week but I was ill and not feeling the greatest both mentally and physically. 
I thought today I would show you my February bullet journal setup, since I am always talking about my bujo and some of you might be curious about it. I made some changes to the spreads and decided to decorate them a bit and to be honest, I really enjoyed the result! However, I have already discovered some things I want to alter as well as add. But, for this month, this is what I am working with.

Month Page

Usually, I add the month's calendar in this page but this time I just recreated this design I saw on Pinterest. I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I put my eyes on it. I am trying to be more creative and get out of my comfort zone more this year so why not start by incorporating some doodles into my bullet journal? For this one, I added my own touch and I can say it felt great drawing it. 

Month Overview

Here I have some categories in which I record information either throughout the month or at its end. These consist of:
○ Both the movies and series I watched and the books I read
○ My Instagram and Tumblr stats
○ Favourites/ Notes/ Important dates/ Accomplishments
○ A smaller tracker so I have a general overview of the frequency of some health related situations
○ A post it note so that I can add my favourite quote of the month

Sleeping Tracker

Instead of a boring title, I added a little 'quote'. Here I record at what time I both go to sleep and wake up.

General Tracker

It is divided by categories: 
○ Posting and Activity on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest
○ Beauty related
○ Confidence
○ Mood
If I accomplish that aspect on that day I add a dot. If the task was partially done or not every step was concluded I had a little circle. 

Health tracker

The amount of water I drink, if I meditated, practiced yoga or any other type of workout, how many squats I did, if I ate nutella and cheese (I love them and eat them more than I definitely should uppssss) and other sorts of unhealthy foods.

Spending log

How much money I spend on a particular day, the store, the item itself and whether I take the bus or not. 
At the end of the page, I have two boxes where I will be adding the total amounts of income and expenses.

Weekly spread

This a very simple one, but it works wonders because it fulfills all of my needs. 

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what my bullet journal looks like!
See you next week xx

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