What my first term at university has taught me

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Sometimes I find myself thinking about how weird it is to be at uni, especially in another country. Before I came here, I had way too many expectations, mainly due to youtube videos I kept binge watching. However, many were not even close to being true. Despite only being at the beginning of the second term of my first year, I believe to have learned quite a lot: not only in academic terms, but also personal growth wise. 

Acquaintances and Flat Mates

The videos I saw just kept portraying the image that you will become best friends with your flat mates/ room mates. Hopefully you will all get along, but not necessarily become very very close friends.
You will meet tons of people thorough your degree. And similarly to flat mates, the majority will be no more than that - acquaintances. 
True friends will come with time and they might not be the first people you meet. For me, the ones with whom I like to spend most of my time (besides my boyfriend) are colleagues I met in my course.


Once I saw the amazing timetable I would have for the rest of the year, I was thrilled by how much free time I would have. However, you will end up finding that you need to work hard (in most degrees and courses) and professors actually expect you to study a minimum of 30 hours per week. You will have to develop studying and time management methods in order to be able to stay on track.


So that you can have a better idea, during the summertime holidays prior to coming to university, I went to the gym nearly everyday and was extremely careful with what I ate (maybe too much!). Nevertheless, these healthy habits were lost once I got here. I am getting back on track now but in the beginning, me and my boyfriend ate 6 packages of cookies and many many chocolates every week. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to find a balance because extremes are usually never good/ healthy for you.


I expected students to be at least slightly more mature and responsible compared to high schoolers but I have not been observing this. Maybe because they are for the 'first' time without supervisors and therefore feel more free to do whatever they want? But that does not matter if they do not disturb you, just focus on you and your goals and work hard for them.

Final Thoughts

Ear plugs are the bestest of friends.
Doing laundry and washing dishes are boring.
Rooms get messy super easily (more than at home).
No makeup and comfy clothes are the perfect go-tos. 
Participating in class is not that horrible, even if the answer is wrong.
Reaching out to people and starting conversations are not that hard either.

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