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I cannot recall the last time I decided to set up yearly goals. However, this year I felt the need for a 'challenge' and guidelines to follow in order to keep myself motivated. I started by writing down just a few things I really wanted to work on and just kept adding more whenever they appeared on my mind. I wrote them in a way that would allow me to complete them all - can you spot how I achieved this??

These are my 2018 Resolutions:


Sometimes I put myself in situations where I put others first to the point of either feeling uncomfortable or questioning my worth. Although I always try to help when asked to, it is important to learn to understand when to say no.


Realize my worth and not being afraid of doing little simple things such as participating in lectures. I have been getting better and better at this, though. I feel that coming to a place where I did not know anyone forced me to get out of my comfort zone and now I am easily able to start conversations with strangers and do many things on my own.


Engaging in healthy habits in order to:


I have been hearing for years to 'stand straight' or to 'straighten my back' because it will impact my future's health. However, I have quite a lot of trouble doing this to the point where, when I realize it, my back is not as straight as it should be. This is something I really need to work on!


I have had sleeping issues and insomnias since I was born. Falling asleep has always been a daily challenge for me. So I decided that it is high time I engaged in a routine and healthy habits to help me control this issue. 


Sometimes my mind gets very occupied and busy, which also impacts my sleep. I want to meditate more so as to, in addition to improving the previous aspect, working at the same time in my overall physical and mental health. 


I have kept a little notebook where I write about my day since I was in elementary school (sort of a 'diary'). I want to make this a frequent practice just because of how interesting I find reading past notes and comparing them to the present, seeing the progress and what has or has not changed.


Hurray! One to cross over already. To be honest, I have been wanting to start an online platform or something along those lines (such as a youtube channel) for the longest time but I have just always put it off due to insecurities and lack of concrete goals/ideas.

To conclude, there is one simple thing to keep in mind whenever writing down goals - not being too specific. This means that instead of saying 'I want to workout everyday', saying something more realistic like 'I want to workout more' is a better option. Why? Because this way, the use of the word 'more' will not transmit impossible goals which in turn will not demotivate you.

You can expect some resolutions progress tracker throughout the year as well as more in-depth posts concerning some of those topics!

And of course, as this is my first post, if you do not yet know me click here

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2 comentários

  1. Hello Irene, congrats on your very first post! Good luck with all the resolutions :)
    xx, Daria (The Gentle Matter)

  2. Hey girl, it's @rosesandselenophilia from Instagram (idk if you remember me aha). I said I was going to give a look at your blog... and I did ! Honestly, I love the look of it, its aesthetic, the colors and everything. Really nice and classy.
    To talk about your post, I kind of have the same resolutions aha, but I just don't like to qualify these as "resolutions", I prefer the word "goals". My goal is to simply become a better version of myself, and it comes with smaller goals that look like yours.
    I don't know what else to say, except that I'm, from now on, one of your official readers ! Can't wait to read what you'll share on here next.
    Have a good day ♡
    (oh and feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes aha, English isn't my native language)